Dear AUM collectors,
Sustainability is the heart and soul of our process. 
I believe that people should know where their clothes come from, and feel good what they have in their closets.
Our small and carefully curated line, our sustainable practices leave nothing to chance and everything to the local communities we work with.
Our garments are made from salvaged fabrics, rescued from the overproduction of larger companies.  Everything is made in a small historical factory in San Francisco, allowing for ethical production in the United States.  All details, small or large are thoughtfully done with our dear mother earth in mind, choosing the sustainable options over the fast and furious. 
I don't just design slow fashion, I live it. I left my busy, fast paced California life to reunite with my roots in France and really know what slow living was about. 
Everything is designed in my little mountain studio, in a house owned by my family for 4 generations, nestled in a tiny village in the foothill of the Alps.  I am constantly learning about being at peace with less and filling my heart with more. My heart yearns of a simpler time, and that twinge is reflected in my designs. The nostalgia of yesteryear is heavily reflected in my collections, with a heavy penchant for the love of counter culture and everything that demands attention now more then ever. 
In hope that you and your kids will enjoy the clothes, wear them a lot and pass them on to future generation.  Play, love and pass it on.

About the designer:

Aurelie Martin-Chiari was born in France, and lived her early childhood frolicking the beaches of the french riviera and hiking in the hills of the foothill of the Alps. 
Her love of fashion and designing first came from helping her mom make her figure skating costumes when she moved to Michigan in her childhood. Later she move to San Francisco to attend a french high school located in the heart of the iconic Haight-Ashbury, spending most of her lunch hour running down the hill to forage at all the vintage stores on Haight street.
Fast forward to 2008- after spending many long hours designing, sewing, sweating, crying, and laughing she received her MFA in fashion design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.  Following her love of snow, mountains and snowboarding, she moved to Truckee, in the beautiful Lake Tahoe region, to start her own sustainable clothing company.  From sewing in a walk-in closet of an 8 bedroom 70's party house, to then making her studio in the very cold garage of her A-frame cabin, AUM was born as a labor of love.
Staying true to her roots, AUM is a blends of California counter-culture and vintage fashion, while making everything in a sustainable way. 

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