A nostalgic look for the modern world

A nostalgic look for the modern world

September 28, 2017

Being a one women show means being able to create, design, sew samples, make patterns, plan shoots, make look books, and the list goes on.  The fashion world moves at a different pace then the rest of our lives, it's planned at least a season ahead of time, if not a year. With fast fashion moving even faster with new items coming out every few months and then being discarded just weeks later for the next new thing.  We specialize in slow fashion, but that being said it doesn't mean that our collection can evolve at a snail's pace, it just means we take our time in planning out the details and how we go about creating things.

A lot of thought goes into our collection, and although I plan things at least a season ahead of time, I sometimes feel like it's not soon enough.  I feel rushed to get my catalogues done, to get samples to the rep, or to get products shots for the web store. Despite all this crazy rushing going on behind the scenes, I want the collection to feel timeless and nostalgic. In order to do so, I work on an aesthetic that feels like it's from a bygone era, but also modern in style.  I want people to feel like they own a piece of history, but can pass it down for generations to come. 

We just completed a shoot for next Spring/Summer's collection and I feel like we were able to capture all of the above. 

We shot this at my grandparent's cabin, although now both deceased, my grandfather built this cabin from the ground up with the help of my dad when he was a teen. This place holds a lot of memories for me, going there for holidays since I was born.  I wanted to translate these memories into photos that would hold up here in the 21st century.  The place has always been one of fun, relaxation, and fresh mountain air.  

Getting three 6 year olds to change outfits, pose naturally and look at the camera but not directly, it not a feat for the faint of heart.  Yet these kids took to all with ease and joy.  Directing this shoot went very smoothly; of course there is always the occasional crying due to dislike of a certain outfit, or maybe getting a zipper caught on skin, and just like adult models, kids can be divas too. 

We make these shoots a family affair, my husband shot the photos, I directed and edited and of course our son was a model. My son has modeled for me ever since I started the line, when he was just a tot.  He sometimes hams it up a bit more then he needs to, but he really brings a lot of sass to the shoot and is more then happy to show others how it's done.

I am so grateful to be able to involve my family in this crazy life I lead.  I rely on them to keep me grounded and sane during the craziest times. For me, slow fashion isn't just about producing things ethically, it's fully involving my personal self and resources into the product.  I want my personal style and way of life to be reflected in the clothes I make.  There are always personal items of mine in the shoots I produce;  Whether it's a granny square blanket hand knit by my grandmother, a belt worn by my mother in the 60's or our beloved VW vanagon which leads us on new adventures. 

We usually finish the shoot by letting the models pick out some clothes as a thank you, and nothing is as rewarding as seeing them put it on right away and feel like they belong in the clothes.  We also usually end the shoot by letting our son take a few photos, here is one that is too perfect not to share:

 MINI AUM jesse jacket available here


I put love, patience, and dedication into everything I create here at AUM apparel and MINI AUM, from garment to shoots.  I hope you will appreciate it as much as I love creating it. Don't forget to tune in early next year for the release of this collection.





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